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Saturday, 08 March 2014 22:39

shropshire sportshall league 4

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Shropshire Sportshall League 4
The final Sportshall league competition was hosted by Oswestry at the Marches School. The league has been well-supported by Shropshire clubs this season and, as the competition reached it's climax, there were points to be won to determine placings in all age groups. There were double wins for Oliver Pugh and Jordan Slater in the U15 Boys competition whilst Jannick Jones (U11 Boys) and Lizzie Evans (Under 13  Girls) were also winners.
Oswestry Olympians finished fourth overall after the final competition


U11G - Lucy McGlinchey 5th (A) 2 Lap Hurdles 28.4, 4th Soft Javelin 11.90
             Emily Woodmass 4th (B) 2 Lap Hurdles 28.4, 8th Soft Javelin 7.70
             Katie Othen 4th (A) 2 Laps 26.3, 6th Vertical Jump 39
             Robyn Welti 4th (B) 2 Laps 28.0, 7th Vertical Jump 38
             Elin Lloyd-Davies 3rd (A) 3 Laps 41.9, 4th Vertical Jump 41
Over/Under Relay 2nd, Team 3rd on day, Overall 4th

U11B - Lewis Wilde 5th (A) 2 Lap Hurdles 28.1, 7th Vertical Jump 39
             Jannick Jones 1st (A) 2 Laps 23.9, 2nd Vertical Jump 47
             Will Evans 3rd (B) 2 Laps 27.2, 6th Soft Javelin 12.70
             Liam Rawlings 3rd (A) 3 Laps 40.1, 9th Soft Javelin 8.50
Over/Under Relay 4th, Team 3rd, Overall 5th

U13G - Millie Hannaford 2nd (A) 2 Laps 24.7, 7th Standing Long Jump 1.76
              Lizzie Evans 3rd (B) 2 Laps 24.8, 1st Standing Triple Jump 6.08
              Molly Roberts 4th (A) 3 Laps 39.5, 6th Standing Long Jump 1.78
              Kate Pugh 2nd (B) 3 Laps 38.3
              Anna Holbrook 3rd (A) 5 Laps 69.8, 5th Standing Triple Jump 5.75
4x2 Lap Relay 4th, Team 3rd, Overall 5th
U13B - Iolo Jones 2nd (A) 2 Laps 22.8, 6th Standing Triple Jump 6.33
             Niall Dennehy 4th (B) 2 Laps 26.9, 4th (A) 3 Laps 41.7, 8th Standing Long Jump 1.74
             George Osborne 4th (B) 3 Laps 40.3, 3rd (B) 5 Laps 72.9
             Jacob Tidridge 1st (A) 5 Laps, 2nd Standing Long Jump 2.16, 2nd Standing Triple jump 6.72
4x2 Lap Relay 3rd, Team 3rd, Overall 3rd

U15G - Zoe Kuipers 4th (A) 2 Laps, 5th Shot 5.53, 2nd Standing Long Jump 2.15
             Savannah Nicoll-Davies 3rd (B) 2 Laps 26.2, 3rd 3 Laps 41.8, 6th Standing Long Jump 2.02
             Charlotte Pugh 3rd (B) 3 laps 40.6, 3rd (A) 5 Laps 75.6, 6th Shot 5.48
Team 3rd, Overall 4th

U15B - Oliver Pugh 1st (A) 2 Laps 21.6, 1st (A) 3 Laps 33.1, 4th Standing Long Jump 2.20
             Luke Woodmass 2nd (B) 2 Laps 24.0, 5th Standing Long Jump 1.93
             Jordan Slater 1st (B) 3 Laps 33.6, 1st Shot 11.04
Team 2nd, Overall 2nd

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