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Sunday, 23 August 2015 21:08

syal track and field league meetings 2, 3, 4

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Shropshire Young Athletes League 2

The second Shropshire Young Athletes Track and Field League meeting was hosted by Bridgnorth at RAF Cosford in beautiful summer sunshine. The Under 15 Girls continue to be the highest placed age group in the league finishing second overall on the day. There were individual wins for Liam Rawlings in the U13 Boys 800m, Kate Pugh in the U15 Girls 800m and Molly Roberts in the U15 Girls Shot.

U11B - Ethan McDade 5th (A) 60m 11.10, 5th (A) Cricket Ball Throw 18.20
            Sam Newton 5th (B) 60m 11.60, 5th (B) 600m 2.20.4
            Tom Hotchkins 5th (A) 600m 2.17.9, 5th (B) Cricket Ball Throw 11.00
U11G - Heidi Lantos 6th (A) 60m 11.20, 4th (B) Long Jump 2.36
            Erin Holdsworth 5th (B) 60m 12.10
            Stephanie Walker 1st (A) Long Jump 3.52, 5th (A) 600m 2.40.7
4 x 50m mixed relay 5th, Team 5th
U13B - Liam Rawlings 1st (A) 800m 2.25.6, 3rd (A) 200m 30.90
            Jack Jones 1st (A) Discus 14.86, 2nd (A) 75m Hurdles 15.10
            Lewis Wilde 3rd (A) Shot 5.43, 4th (B) Discus 9.44
Team 4th

U13G - Lucy McGlinchey 3rd (A) Shot 6.32
            Rebecca Walker 4th (B) Shot 4.45
Team 6th

U15B - Tom Wilde 5th (A) 800m 2.40.7
            Iolo Jones 2nd (A) 200m 25.00, 1st (B) Shot 7.68
            Jacob Morris 3rd (A) Shot 8.15, 4th (A) Discus 15.70
            Callum Rawlings 2nd (B) Discus 14.53
Team 5th

U15G - Ellen Jones 2nd (A) 75m Hurdles 13.8, 3rd (B) 800m 2.43.7
            Zoe Kuipers 2nd (B) 75m Hurdles 14.1, 3rd (B) High Jump 1.30
            Kate Pugh 1st (A) 800m 2.29.3, 2nd (A) High Jump 1.40
            Lizzie Evans 1st (B) Shot 6.70, 4th (A) 100m 14.4
            Molly Roberts 1st (A) Shot 7.41
4 x 100m Relay 3rd, Team 2nd

U17B - Cameron Van Onselen 2nd (A) 1500m 4.16.9
            George Purcell 2nd (A) Long Jump 4.59, 4th (A) 200m 27.5

U17W - Kate Jones 3rd (A) 800m 2.41.2, 5th (A) High Jump 1.25

Team 5th
Shropshire Young Athletes League 3
Oswestry Olympians hosted the third Shropshire Young Athletes Track and Field League meeting at Shrewsbury track. Liam Rawlings broke the U13 Boys 1500m league record finishing first in 4.47.6 minutes whilst Molly Roberts won the U15 Girls Shot with a putt of 7.17 metres.
U11B - Tom Hotchkiss 5th (A) 50m 8.8
            Alfie Herd 3rd (B) 50m 8.5
            Oscar Herd 5th (A) 600m 2.11.9
            Ethan McDade 5th (B) 600m 2.27.5, 6th (A) Cricket Ball Throw 21.60
            Toby Rogers 3rd (A) 150m 22.7, 4th (B) Cricket Ball Throw 20.11
            Sam Newton 5th (B) 150m 28.4
U11G - Cari Roberts 3rd (A) 50m 8.6, 4th (A) 150m 24.8
             Erin Holdsworth 5th (B) 50m 9.6, 5th (B) 600m 2.43.2
             Lucie Calloway 6th (A) 600m 2.36.7
             Heidi Lantos 4th (B) Long Jump 2.75, 6th (B) 150m 27.6
             Stephanie Walker 2nd (A) Long jump 3.53
4 x 50m Mixed Relay 5th, Team 5th
U13B - Liam Rawlings 1st (A) 1500m 4.47.6, 3rd (A) 200m 30.3
             Finley Begley 1st (B) 1500m 5.18.7, 3rd (A) Javelin 16.43
             Louis Jones 4th (A) 100m 15.8, 4th (B) High Jump 1.05
             Lewis Wilde 4th (A) High Jump 1.15, 5th (A) 100m 16.2
             Jack Jones 2nd (B) 200m 31.10
4 x 100m Relay 3rd, Team 3rd
U13G - Poppy Jones 5th (A) 100m 16.5, 5th (A) Long Jump 3.36
             Lucy McGlinchey 4th (B) Long Jump 1.96, 5th (B) 100m 18.2
             Ellie Calloway 5th (A) 800m 3.23.2, 5th (B) 200m 38.2
             Rebecca Walker 2nd (A) High Jump 1.30, 5th (A) 200m 34.4
4 x 100m Relay 5th, Team 5th
U15B - Tom Wilde 5th (A) 1500m 5.14.0
             Callum Rawlings 3rd (A) High Jump 1.35, 3rd (B) 1500m 5.23.0
             Michael Lloyd 5th (A) 100m 14.4
             Iolo Jones 2nd (A) 200m 25.2
             Jacob Morris 2nd (A) Shot 7.70, 4th (A) Javelin 27.35
4 x 100m relay 4th, Team 5th
U15G - Ellen Jones 4th (A) 100m 13.1, 4th (A) Long Jump 4.23
             Lizzie Jones 4th (B) 100m 14.2, 1st (B) Shot 6.44
             Kate Pugh 2nd (A) 800m 2.28.6, 
             Anna Holbrook 3rd (B) Long Jump 3.91, 5th (A) 200m 30.8
             Molly Roberts 1st (A) Shot 7.17, 4th (B) 200m 31.0
4 x 100m Relay 4th, Team 3rd
U17M - Cameron Van Onselen 3rd (A) 800m 2.07.6, 3rd (B) 200m 28.2
             George Purcell 3rd (A) Long Jump 4.70, 4th (A) 200m 27.3, 5th (A) 100m 13.1
Team 5th
U17W - Kate Jones 3rd (A) 1500m 5.33.4, 2nd (B) Javelin 12.71
              Pip Lantos 4th (A) Triple Jump 7.89, 4th (A) Javelin 15.10
Team  5th
Shropshire Young Athletes League 4
The final league meeting took place at Shrewsbury with team points and placings at stake. Iolo Jones kept his best perfomance for the 100m winning the U15 Boys event in 12.2 and gaining 2nd in the 200m. There were also second places for Liam Rawlings (U13B 800m), Jannick Jones (U13B 200m) and Kate Jones (U15G 1500m).
U11B - Oliver Roach 4th (A) 50m 8.5, 3rd (A) 600m 2.00.7
             Cameron Parry 5th (B) 50m 8.8, 6th (A) Long Jump 3.10
             Blake Stonehouse 5th (B) 600m 2.32.2, 5th (B) Long Jump 2.79
U11G - Stephanie Walker 3rd (A) 50m 8.3
             Cari Roberts 3rd (B) 50m 8.7
             Catrin Davies 5th (A) 600m 2.14.4
             Ella Barnes 3rd (B) 600m 2.27.0
             Erin Holdsworth 6th (A) Rounders Ball Throw 13.86
4 x 50m Mixed relay 5th, Team 5th
U13B - Liam Rawlings 2nd (A) 800m 2.21.5, 3rd (B) 200m 30.0
             Jack Jones 3rd (A) 100m 14.8, 3rd (A) Long Jump 4.25
             Will Evans 3rd (B) 100m 16.3, 4th (B) Long Jump 3.24
            Jannick Jones 2nd (A) 200m 27.7, 3rd (A) Shot 6.54
4 x 100m Relay 3rd, Team 3rd
U13G - Poppy Jones 5th (A) 100m 16.3, 4th (B) 200m 33.9
              Rebecca Walker 5th (A) 200m 35.4, 3rd (B) Shot 5.07
              Lucy McGlinchey 3rd (A) Shot 6.79, 4th (A) Javelin 16.96
Team 5th
U15B - Iolo Jones 1st (A) 100m 12.2, 2nd (A) 200m 24.8
             Callum Rawlings 4th (A) 1500m 5.29.7, 5th (A) Triple Jump 9.06
Team 5th
U15G - Kate Pugh 2nd (A) 1500m 5.12.3, 4th (B) 100m 14.6
              Ellen Jones 1st (B) 1500m 5.19.8, 4th (A) Long Jump 4.25
              Lizzie Evans 4th (A) 100m 14.6, 2nd (B) Long Jump 4.04
              Anna Holbrook 5th (A) 200m 30.0, 2nd (B) High Jump 1.20
              Molly Roberts 4th (B) 200m 31.1, 3rd 9a0 High Jump 1.25
4 x 100m Relay 3rd, Team 3rd
U17M - Cameron Van Onselen 3rd (A) 1500m 4.23.2
Team 6th
U17W - Kate Jones 4th (A) 800m 2.41.5, 4th (A) Shot 7.30
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