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Saturday, 08 March 2014 22:40

shropshire sportshall championships

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Shropshire Sportshall Championships

Three Oswestry athletes took part in the Shropshire Sportshall Championships at Much Wenlock with Jacob Tidridge collecting three medals across the track and field events. He won two golds in the Under 13 boys 3 Laps race 35.8 and 5 Laps race 66.0 then gained silver with 2.25 in the Standing Long Jump.
In the Under 11's boys competition, Jannick Jones was 5th in the 2 laps race in 27.8,  5th in 2 Lap Hurdles in 29.2 and 4th in the Standing Long Jump with 1.78, whilst Lucy McGlinchey finished 2nd in the Under 11 Girls 2 Laps Heats, 3rd= in Soft Javelin 11.50 (4th on countback) and 6th in the Standing Long Jump with 1.58.

Saturday, 08 March 2014 22:39

shropshire sportshall league 4

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Shropshire Sportshall League 4
The final Sportshall league competition was hosted by Oswestry at the Marches School. The league has been well-supported by Shropshire clubs this season and, as the competition reached it's climax, there were points to be won to determine placings in all age groups. There were double wins for Oliver Pugh and Jordan Slater in the U15 Boys competition whilst Jannick Jones (U11 Boys) and Lizzie Evans (Under 13  Girls) were also winners.
Oswestry Olympians finished fourth overall after the final competition


U11G - Lucy McGlinchey 5th (A) 2 Lap Hurdles 28.4, 4th Soft Javelin 11.90
             Emily Woodmass 4th (B) 2 Lap Hurdles 28.4, 8th Soft Javelin 7.70
             Katie Othen 4th (A) 2 Laps 26.3, 6th Vertical Jump 39
             Robyn Welti 4th (B) 2 Laps 28.0, 7th Vertical Jump 38
             Elin Lloyd-Davies 3rd (A) 3 Laps 41.9, 4th Vertical Jump 41
Over/Under Relay 2nd, Team 3rd on day, Overall 4th

U11B - Lewis Wilde 5th (A) 2 Lap Hurdles 28.1, 7th Vertical Jump 39
             Jannick Jones 1st (A) 2 Laps 23.9, 2nd Vertical Jump 47
             Will Evans 3rd (B) 2 Laps 27.2, 6th Soft Javelin 12.70
             Liam Rawlings 3rd (A) 3 Laps 40.1, 9th Soft Javelin 8.50
Over/Under Relay 4th, Team 3rd, Overall 5th

U13G - Millie Hannaford 2nd (A) 2 Laps 24.7, 7th Standing Long Jump 1.76
              Lizzie Evans 3rd (B) 2 Laps 24.8, 1st Standing Triple Jump 6.08
              Molly Roberts 4th (A) 3 Laps 39.5, 6th Standing Long Jump 1.78
              Kate Pugh 2nd (B) 3 Laps 38.3
              Anna Holbrook 3rd (A) 5 Laps 69.8, 5th Standing Triple Jump 5.75
4x2 Lap Relay 4th, Team 3rd, Overall 5th
U13B - Iolo Jones 2nd (A) 2 Laps 22.8, 6th Standing Triple Jump 6.33
             Niall Dennehy 4th (B) 2 Laps 26.9, 4th (A) 3 Laps 41.7, 8th Standing Long Jump 1.74
             George Osborne 4th (B) 3 Laps 40.3, 3rd (B) 5 Laps 72.9
             Jacob Tidridge 1st (A) 5 Laps, 2nd Standing Long Jump 2.16, 2nd Standing Triple jump 6.72
4x2 Lap Relay 3rd, Team 3rd, Overall 3rd

U15G - Zoe Kuipers 4th (A) 2 Laps, 5th Shot 5.53, 2nd Standing Long Jump 2.15
             Savannah Nicoll-Davies 3rd (B) 2 Laps 26.2, 3rd 3 Laps 41.8, 6th Standing Long Jump 2.02
             Charlotte Pugh 3rd (B) 3 laps 40.6, 3rd (A) 5 Laps 75.6, 6th Shot 5.48
Team 3rd, Overall 4th

U15B - Oliver Pugh 1st (A) 2 Laps 21.6, 1st (A) 3 Laps 33.1, 4th Standing Long Jump 2.20
             Luke Woodmass 2nd (B) 2 Laps 24.0, 5th Standing Long Jump 1.93
             Jordan Slater 1st (B) 3 Laps 33.6, 1st Shot 11.04
Team 2nd, Overall 2nd

Sunday, 16 February 2014 21:12

west midlands regional sportshall championships

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West Midlands Regional Under 11's 'Fun in Athletics' Sportshall Championships

Three Oswestry Olympians were selected for the Shropshire team to compete against Birmingham, Warwickshire, Staffordshire, Herefordshire and Worcestershire and the Black Country at the West Midlands Regional 'Fun in Athletics' Sportshall Championships in Coventry. Jannick Jones, Liam Rawlings and Lucy McGlinchey took part in a range of running, jumping, throwing and relay activities with up to eighteen children in each event. Both the Shropshire girls and boys teams finished third on the day.

Jannick Jones - 9th Target Throw 5, 9th Standing Long Jump 1.76m, 4th Hi-Stepper Relay, 4th Over/Under Relay

Liam Rawlings - 4th Hi-Stepper Relay, 2nd Hurdles Relay, 4th Grand Prix Relay

Lucy McGlinchey - 4th Obstacle Relay, 5th= Speed Bounce 50
West Midlands Regional U13/15 Sportshall Championships

Four Oswestry athletes travelled to Coventry to represent Shropshire in the West Midlands Regional Sportshall Championships against five other counties in the Under 13 and Under 15 age groups. Molly Roberts and Lizzie Evans are still in their first year in their age group and will have another opportunity to compete  as Under 13's next year whilst Jacob Tidridge drew on his experience of previous years competition in the U13 Boys age group to dominate the 6 Laps race and win a gold medal. Jordan Slater has only recently taken up athletics and this was his first experience of a big event. He competed in the U15 Boys 'All-rounder' competition where athletes gain points by taking part in both track and field events, winning two individual medals and finishing 6th overall out of 24 competitors.

U13G - Molly Roberts 5th Obstacle Race, 6th Shot 7.84m
             Lizzie Evans 5th Standing Triple Jump 6.06m, 7th 2 Laps 27.1s
             Team 3rd
U13B - Jacob Tidridge 1st 6 Laps 1.23.6m, 4th Standing Triple Jump 6.70m                                                                                          Team 3rd
U15B - Jordan Slater 2nd 4 Laps race 52.2s, 3rd Shot 11.09m, 7th Standing Long Jump 2.28m. 6th All-rounder overall                   Team 2nd
Sunday, 09 February 2014 19:57

syal sportshall 4 oswestry

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Well done to everyone who took part in the final Sportshall meeting at the Marches School today.
Thanks to all the parents and children who helped set up the equipment and put it away again at the end of the competition.
Special mention to our two mopper-uppers who made sure the running surface was safe to race on, thank you!

Tuesday, 28 January 2014 13:49

shropshire sportshall league 3

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Shropshire Sportshall Athletics League

The third Shropshire Sportshall competition was hosted by Wenlock Olympians at Much Wenlock Leisure Centre. Jacob Tidridge scored a double first in the U13 Boys 3 laps and 5 laps, whilst Oliver Pugh won the U15 Boys 3 laps and Molly Roberts putted the shot more than a metre further than any other U13 Girl on the day to win her event.


U11G - Lucy McGlinchey 5th (A) 2 Lap Hurdles 29.7, 3rd Chest Push 6,25

             Robyn Welti 4th (B) 2 Lap Hurdles 30., 1st = Balance Test 30

             Emily Woodmass 5th (A) 2 Laps 28.5, 6th Chest Push 5.50

             Elin Lloyd-Davies 5th (B) 2 Laps 28.3, 6th Balance Test 9

4x2 lap relay 3rd, team 4th

U11B - Lewis Wilde 5th (A) 2 Lap Hurdles 28.6, 8th Chest Push 4.50

             George Chapman 4th (B) 2 Lap Hurdles 28.7, 5th Chest Push 6.00

             Jannick Jones 3rd (A) 2 Laps 25.5, 5th (A) 3 Laps 43.3

             Ollie Walsh 5th (B) 2 Laps 28.8, 5th (B) 3 Laps 45.4

4x2 lap relay 5th, team 5th

U13G - Molly Roberts 4th (A) 2 Laps 26.6, 6th Speed Bounce 44, 1st Shot 8.18

             Anna Holbrook 3rd (B) 2 Laps 25.7, 4th (A) 3 Laps 39.8, 7th Speed Bounce 43

Team 5th

U13B - Jacob Tidridge 1st (A) 23 Laps 36.6, 1st (A) 5 Laps 1.03.9, 2nd Speed Bounce 49

              Niall Dennehy 5th (A) 2 Laps 28.0, 10th Speed Bounce 34, 7th Shot 3.45

Team 5th

U15B- Oliver Pugh 2nd (A) 2 laps 22.2, 1st (A) 3 Laps 34.9

Team 3rd

The final league event will be hosted by Oswestry at the Marches School Sportshall on 9th February.

Tuesday, 28 January 2014 13:07

welsh indoor championships

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At the Welsh Athletics Indoor Championships last weekend, Oswestry Olympian's Abigail Bowers defended her under 17 womens 60m hurdles Welsh title at the NIAC, Cardiff. She ran a PB time of 8.93 secs to take the gold medal, she also won a silver medal in the 300m in a time of 41.83 secs. This capped a vey succesful and busy January for Bowers who won the Northern Athletics u17 womens long jump with a leap of 5.53cm in Sheffield and also took two more golds at the East Wales Indoor Championships in long jump and 60m hurdles earlier this month. Bowers said "its a great start to the 2014 season and gives me something to build on for the UK championships in March".  
Friday, 22 November 2013 13:44

shropshire sportshall league 2

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Shropshire Sportshall Athletics Competition 2

The second Shropshire Sportshall competition was hosted by Telford at Much Wenlock Leisure Centre. The Under 13 Boys teams performed strongly finishing third overall, only one point behind the joint winners whilst the U15 Boys won five of the seven events available on the day to help the Oswestry team finish fourth overall.


U11G - Lucy McGlinchey 4th (A) 2 Lap Hurdles 28.0, 2nd Chest Push 6.00

Emily Woodmass 5th (B) 2 Lap Hurdles 30.4, 8th Chest Push 4.75

Robyn Welti 5th (A) 2 Laps 28.8, 8th Standing Long Jump 1.57

Elin Lloyd-Davies 3rd (B) 2 Laps 27.6, 7th Standing Long Jump 1.59

4x2 Laps Relay 4th, Team 4th

U11B - Liam Rawlings 3rd (A) 2 Lap Hurdles 25.2, 5th Chest Push 4.75

Ollie Walsh 2nd (B) 2 Lap Hurdles 28.8, 5th Standing Long Jump 1.55

Jannick Jones 3rd (A) 2 Laps 25.8, 2nd Standing Long Jump 2.12

Team 4th

U13G - Lizzie Evans 2nd (A) 2 Laps 24.5, 4th Vertical Jump 46

Anna Holbrook 5th (B) 2 Laps 25.9, 5th (A) 3 Laps 40.8

Kate Pugh 9th Vertical Jump 40

Team 5th

U13B - Iolo Jones 1st 2 Laps 23.1, 8 Lap Paarlauf 1.38.2, 3rd Vertical Jump 43

Niall Dennehey 5th (B) 2 Laps 27.4, 9th Standing Triple Jump 4.32

Jacob Tidridge 1st 3 Laps 35.9, 8 Lap Paarlauf 1.38.2, 2nd Standing Triple Jump 6.68

Jacob Morris 3rd (B) 3Laps 43.0, 5th Vertical Jump 39

4x2 Laps Relay 2nd, Team 3rd

U15B - Oliver Pugh 1st (A) 2 Laps 22.4, 1st (A) 3 Laps 34.9, 1st Speed Bounce 79
Oliver Daure 1st (B) 2 Laps 23.1, 1st (B) 3 laps 37.6, 2nd Shot 8.12
Team 2nd

Friday, 22 November 2013 13:40

shropshire sportshall league

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Shropshire Sportshall League 1

The indoor athletics season began at Bridgnorth Leisure Centre with the first Sportshall League competition. Oswestry Olympians fielded full teams in the girls age groups but were lacking in the boys teams due to other sporting commitments. The club finished fourth on the day.

U11G - Lucy McGlinchey 5th (A) 2 Lap Hurdles 25.3, 2nd= Speed Bounce 38
Katie Othen 2nd (B) 2 Lap Hurdles 25.9, 7th= Speed Bounce 33
Robyn Welti 4th (A) 2 Laps 24.5, 6th Standing Triple Jump 4.40
Taylor Lewis 5th (B) 2 Laps 27.1, 9th= Speed Bounce 32
Elin Lloyd-Davies 4th (A) 4 laps 50.6, 9th Standing Triple Jump 3.52
4x2 Lap relay 5th, Team 5th

U11B - Ollie Walsh 4th (A) 2 lap Hurdles 26.0, 5th (A) 2 Laps 24.5
Team 5th

U13G - Millie Mannifold 1st (A) 2 laps 22.1, 7th Standing Long Jump 1.69
Cerys Davies 5th (B) 2 Laps 24.1, 10th Standing Long Jump 1.52
Kate Pugh 1st (A) 4 Laps 46.2, 4th (A) 6 laps 1.15.9
Anna Holbrook 2nd (B) 4 Laps 47.9, 5th (B) 6 Laps 1.18.7, 8th High Jump 1.05
4x2 Lap Relay 3rd, Team 4th

U13B - Iolo Jones 1st (A) 2 Laps 20.2, 1st (B) 4 Laps 43.7, 1st Standing Long Jump 2.07
Jacob Tidridge 1st (A) 4 Laps 42.2, 1st (A) 6 Laps 1.06.2, 2nd Standing Long Jump 2.07
Team 2nd

U15G - Jordan Lewis 4th (A) 2 laps 22.5, 5th Standing Long Jump 1.88
Morgan Davies 3rd (B) 2 Laps 22.8, 6th Standing Triple Jump 5.22
Zoe Kuipers 2nd (A) 4 Laps 45.6, 1st Standing Long Jump 2.10, 2nd Standing Triple Jump 6.04
Charlotte Pugh 3rd (B) 4 Laps 49.0, 3rd (A) 6 Laps 1.18.2
4x2 laps Relay 3rd, Team 3rd

U15B - Oliver Pugh 1st (A) 2 Laps 19.2, 1st (A) 4 Laps 40.7, 3rd Standing Long Jump 2.21
Jordan Slater 1st (B) 2 Laps 20.1, 1st (B) 4 Laps 42.8, 4th Standing Long Jump 2.14
Team 2nd

Monday, 14 October 2013 20:43

sportshall competitions

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SYAL Sportshall League dates and venues

13th October at Bridgnorth Leisure Centre

17th November at Much Wenlock Leisure Centre

12th January at Much Wenlock Leisure Centre

9th February at Marches School Sportshall, Oswestry


Doors open at 1.30pm with event starting at 2pm and running until 4.00 - 4.30pm


Regional Sportshall Events

Athletes selected to represent Shropshire teams based on performances at SYAL competitions

26th January 2014 - U11's Fun in Athletics

16th February 2014 - U13/15's West Midlands Regional Championships

Saturday, 30 March 2013 15:53


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