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Oswestry Olympians
Wednesday, 20 March 2013 11:23

John Rowlands - A Tribute

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The picture was taken on the Gyrn near Llansilin in April 2004 - his favourite local hill. The picture was taken on the Gyrn near Llansilin in April 2004 - his favourite local hill.

Sadly, John Rowlands passed away on Saturday 16th January 2010 aged 61.

Most probably many current Olympians would not have met John but may recognize his name from the many club records he still holds from 20 years ago. Those Olympians lucky enough to have known him will agree that he was so much more than a great runner - just ask Gordon, John Richards or Margaret next time you see them. He earned everyone's respect and was a man whose opinions were always worth listening to. He also possessed a mischievous sense of humour and a depth of local knowledge which was second to none. His commitment to his family despite his illness was so unselfish, so typical of John; he never ever made a fuss or looked for any sympathy. He just got on with the job of being-John.  

I was lucky enough to have known John for 30 years during which time we must have run thousands of miles together over the hills and country lanes around Oswestry. However, I will remember John not just as a runner but as a best mate, someone I could rely on for help and advice, someone whose character was like no other. It was only over the last few months that John became too ill to run but he still lived every day to its fullest.

A truly great man and friend John we will all miss you so much.

Written by Steve Nicholls

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