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looking for the old club website?

Oswestry Olympians are in the process of transferring all of the existing information, records and club information to this new website. While this process takes place, if you can't find what you're looking for you may be able to find it on this legacy copy of the old club website - click here.

Oswestry Olympians Seniors

Sunday, 15 April 2018 20:10

Privacy Policy

Our legal basis for collecting and processing personal data Oswestry Olympians lawful basis for for collecting/processing personal data is that of consent. Responsibilities of individuals with access to data collected by Oswestry Olympians 1. Only use members’ or athletes’ data for the purposes described in the What we will do with it section. 2. If data is required for purposes other than described in the What we will do with it section you must ask people and obtain their consent for what you need to do before you use their details. 3. Delete or destroy any spreadsheets or similar, of data downloaded or printed out as soon as you have finished using them. 4. Do not keep any personal data, eg. previous years’ membership information, for longer than three years. Club records and results from races organised by Oswestry Olympians are a special case and are stored indefinitely as described in the How long and where we will keep it section. 5. Be organised about where you store Oswestry Olympians data on your computer or paper files so you know what you have and where it is. If you don’t actually need to keep data, delete or destroy it. 6. If you suspect a data breach, eg. lost/hacked laptop or lost paper file, you must report it to the club secretary so that it can be investigated and reported to the ICO. There can be big fines if we are found not to have complied with the regulations. This policy was adopted at the Club Committee meeting 26 March 2018

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