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Friday, 08 April 2016 12:11

Tour of Tameside

Tour of Tameside

5 choices. Challenge yourself to all four days or run any of the four individually. Take advantage of the early bird discounts

Cash prizes for each stage 1st  £250, 2nd £150, 3rd £75 male and female on each day.

Plus tour winners £500, 2nd £250, 3rd £125 both male & female.

16th – 19th JUNE – FULL TOUR





I am writing from Derwentwater Independent Hostel (Barrow House), where I work with several other like-minded people who love running, cycling, climbing, wild swimming and various other outdoor activities. We really enjoy welcoming fellow outdoor enthusiasts to Derwentwater, and I thought you might be interested in organising a trip away for your club.

In the past year our guests have included City of Lancaster Triathlon Club and One Life Racing (a wide mix of ages and abilities), Cumbernauld Athletics Club (70 of their young members, who all took part in Keswick Parkrun!), Ochil Hill Runners, and High Terrain (trail running training weekends), and we are used to providing healthy home made food for hearty appetites. We also have a fund for subsidising youth groups, so if you want to organise a residential specifically for juniors, please let us know.

Even a short stay seems to help people get to know each other and feel rejuvenated, and there are always lots of events in and around Keswick if you want a particular focus. We really enjoy sharing our local knowledge and helping groups organise a visit, so please get in touch if you have any questions.

In the meantime, I have attached a brief information poster, and you can find lots more information about the hostel on our website .

Best wishes,

Katy Moore (DIH Education Officer and keen Keswick AC member!)

P.S Barrow House used to be owned by Bob Graham, whose name, as you may know, is immortalised in the challenge he designed and completed, now known as the Bob Graham Round (BGR). The aim of the BGR is to visit 42 Lakeland peaks on foot, covering about 70 miles, within 24 hours. Phew! Several people have prepared for their BGR attempt at Barrow House, and a number of successful challengers have stayed with us. The house definitely has great fell running heritage, and there is a memorial cairn for Bob Graham just above our grounds.

Friday, 08 April 2016 08:06

Gnosall 10k - Saturday 18th June

The GNOSALL 10K will again be happening this June. Race will start at 2.30pm on SATURDAY 18TH JUNE and again finish in the arena as part of the Gnosall Carnival.

Further details to follow when finalised.

Tuesday, 23 February 2016 20:37

Ray on PB roll at the Village Bakery

Ray Pickett continued his run of good form by smashing his 1/2 Marathon pb

yet again at the Village Bakery Half Marathon on 14th Feb 2016

Ray managed a fantastic personal best of 2:02 which was 11m30s faster

than his previous best. Sub 2 hours is on the horizon !

Village Bakery Half Marathon 2016

Pos Gun Time Name. Chip Time 
8th. 01:13:11 Paul Jones 01:13:11 Vet 45 1st 
44th 01:20:08 Lowe Ian 01:20:03 Vet 40 9th
73rd 01:22:31 Tim Tansley 01:22:24 Vet 40 15th
179th 01:29:05 Richard Collins 01:28:44 Vet 45 27th
186th 01:29:15 Dave Newton 01:29:08 Vet 50 20th
211th 01:31:37 Stephen Robert 01:31:30 Vet 60 3rd
501st 01:50:53 Claire Birch 01:50:31 Vet 40 23rd

524th 01:52:58 Lou Williams 01:52:37 Vet35 26th
631st 02:02:44 RayPickett  02:02:26 Vet 55 27th PB
674th 02:06:41 Diane Davenport 02:05:39 Vet 45 17th
776th 02:24:41 David Andrews 02:23:13 Vet 60 20th
Simon Barkley DNF 

Tuesday, 23 February 2016 20:24

The Best X Country Season In Recent Memory

The finale of the North Wales Country League was held in Oswestry on 6th Feb, on a very
muddy,windy course the Olympians were out in force and achieved some of their best results
in recent memory with impressive team and individual performances
Men.NWXC League Overall
1st Team -Male Masters
2nd Division 1
4th Senior Men overall - Peter Butler
3rd  Male Master O40 - Tim Tansley
2nd  Male Master O60 - Steve Roberts
1st  Male Master O65 - Alec White
Ladies NWXC League Overall
1st Lady - Alison Lavender
2nd Ladies Master O35 Lou Williams
2nd Ladies Master O40 Jacqui Gears
1st Ladies Master O55 Susie Hancock
1st Ladies Master O60 Barbara Ward
Ladies Team 2nd in Division 1
Ladies Masters 2nd Team
Oswestry Olympians 1st Combined team results.
Thanks to all the supporters and marshals who have helped 
make this a memorable season for Oswestry Olympians 
Sunday, 23 October 2016 16:00

Christmas Shopping


Looking for a last minute Christmas present ?


The Club shop is now open. A selection of items are available.



Please let us know if you would like any other garments added.



Tuesday, 15 December 2015 20:16

Olympians Running Toward Christmas

 A great turn-out from the Olympians on a wet Sunday in Decembrrrrr !

Mortimer Forest Trail Run 13 Dec 2015

Pos. Name Club Cat Time
1 Ross Campbell Dare2b/Highland Hill Rnrs SM 61.56
4 Paul Jones Oswestry Olympians M45 63.42
21 Tim Gears Oswestry Olympians SM 71.40
71 John Snell Oswestry Olympians M50 80.52
77 Jacqui Gears Oswestry Olympians F40 82.30
123 Michael Bastow Oswestry Olympians M45 89.46
310 Laura Jones Oswestry Olympians SF 123.38

Telford 10k
Sunday December 13th 2015
1st Ryan McLeod tipton Harriers00:29:40 SM
55th Oli Blake Oswestry Olympians 00:32:27 SM
130th Ian Lowe Oswestry Olympians 00:35:36 M40 11th
179th Simon Berkley Oswestry Olympians 00:37:00 M40
181st Tim Tansley Oswestry Olympians 00:37:02 M40
262nd Steve Roberts Oswestry Olympians 00:41:05 M60 2nd
270th May Davies Oswestry Olympians 00:41:26 SF
290th Rob Davies Oswestry Olympians 00:42:08 M45
319th Jenny Davis Oswestry Olympians 00:43:00 F45 4th
335th Dave Hughes Oswestry Olympian 00:43:52 M50
385th Jude Hughes Oswestry Olympians 0045:44 F40 9th
587th Will Davidson Oswestry Olympians 0052:30 M60 11th
598th Ray Pickett Oswestry Olympians 00:53:53 M55
929 finishers.
Grand Prix Express NWXC 3rd fixture Mold 28:11:15 Report
" Ali Lavender back inform after lengthy illness! "
After a few laps of MOLD looking for venue ,Ian, Steve and I rushed to the new course because the Ladies had already set off in the howling wind and rain! I was amazed to see so many had braved the atrocious conditions.
In the absence of Cari Hughes( racing in L'Pool), Ali was way out in front despite the sea of mud, increasing her lead each lap , finishing 90 secs ahead of Rhian Roxborough. Charlotte, Jackie and Lou next 3 team scorers battled through mud wind and rain to bring home team in 2nd place. The 6 other contenders including Kelly Clarke on her debut run ran their socks off !!
Results:- Winner Ali L
11th Charlotte 1st 0/35
18th Jackie G 4th 0/40
35th Lou W 35 2nd highest finishers 102!
42nd Yvonne 4th 0/50 ..........................................
47th Susie H 3rd 0/55
58th Jude 40
64th Sarah 55
65th Barbara 1st 0/60
83rd Kelly C 35 DEBUT
Teams 1st. Eryri. 31.                O/ all (after 3). 1st Eryri. 124
          2nd OO. 65.                                       2nd Denbigh 204
          3rd Denbigh 75.                                  3rd. OO. 230
          4th. Buckley 105.                                4th. Buckley 390
Masters. 1st Eryri. 17                     O/ all( after3). 1st. Eryri. 54
             2nd. Buckley. 26.                                  2nd OO. 89
             3rd. OO. 28.                                         3rd GOGS. 93
            4th. GOGS. 32.                                     4th Buckley. 120
Victory for Olympian Men!
The mass start of the men's race was quite impressive and through the wind and rain I counted 16 ,yes 16 Olympians! Considering the conditions the pace was incredible- out in front Rob Samuel made it look easy, returning to his old form after a long lay off after surgery. Paul, Pete and Ollie hot on his heels with the merry band of Ian, 2 Tims plus on this occassion Simon B well to the fore in scoring positions. The rest of the team battling against the elements to push the opposition back. Each lap it be became harder to spot the black ,red and white vests as they all be came a darker shade of mud!!
Rob finished 2 and half minutes ahead of Callum Rowlinson (Bang Uni) and just 10 secs behind him in 3rd, having picked off the opposition one by one was Ollie -- Paul Pete Ian Tim G and Simon B just pipping Tim T completing the six scorers.
Brian R Richie Steve R Darryll Gary Clarke (debut xc) Jon H( managing a sprint finish!) Rob D Alec and Ray completing the full set... So many I ran out of bars for 1st time.
Surprise for me was being greeted by Helen and the girls who ably assisted Granny by collecting the discs and giving out the bars , also a big help back in the hall helping to fill in team sheets etc , and it was soon obvious that with the low score of 104 we would be in the running for top spot on the day .
What a day --- but despite the dreadful conditions the new course was hailed a great success by all the athletes not just O Os .
Results:- Winner Rob Samuel Eryri H
3rd. Ollie B SM
5th. Paul J. 1st 0/45. Record finishers 167 !
12th Pete B. SM
24th. Ian L 4th 0/40
25th Tim G SM
35th Simon B 40
38th Tim G. 40
62nd Brian R 45
70th Richie C 45
80th Steve. R. 3rd 0/60
88th. Darryll W. SM
94th Gary C SM debut XC
124th Jon. H. 60
131st. Rob D. 45
137th Alec W. 1st 0/65
165 Ray P. 55
Teams:-                                O/all after 3
1st OO. 104                           1st Shrews . 406
2nd. Eryri 123                         2nd Eryri. 514
3rd Shrews. 126                     3rd OO. 577
4th. Bangor 131.                    4th. Bangor. 579
Masters                                  0/all after 3
1st. OO. 21                            1st. Buckley. 72
2nd. Buckley. 26.                    2nd OO. 117
3rd. Tattenhall 35.                  3rd Shrews. 126
4th Shrews. 44.
Tattenhall have missed a fixture so don't count.
Thursday, 03 December 2015 18:06

And the Winner Is ?


Congratulations to all the Winners and to all who have run as

and have supported the Olympians this past year, a very big thank you !

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